When we moved here, I carefully packed a temporary stash. I made sure I had yarns of different weights, multiple colors, and multiple fibers. I planned to only purchase what I needed to complete my vision for a pattern or fulfill a specific request.  As I considered my “fun knitting” projects, I knew I would knit from my stash.

And yet….

You saw what I did on Tuesday.

Yesterday I went to a teensy-tiny farmer’s market (called “the Tailgate Market”) in a church parking lot and fellowship hall. There, in the middle of the floor, a woman spun her own wool from the Jacob sheep she raises on her farm (Hobbyknob Farm). We started chatting as Elizabeth spun. As we talked about SAFF (the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair  which I missed this year but will definitely attend next year) and the area’s yarn shops, I casually glanced through the handspun she displayed on a drying rack next to her spinning wheel.

You see where this is going, right?

Handspun for Barb

We were out of cash, so I asked Barb if she could spot us the $15 (What the what!) to purchase this deeply bright ultraviolet handspun. I search for this color and anytime I discover it, I must own the skein.  Once Barb’s eyes caught it, she fell in love as well.  After the purchase, she wore it as a cowl around the rest of the market.

The good part is that this skein will definitely not go into my stash to wait for my brain to come up with a gorgeous design to match the beauty of the colorway.

The better part is that I get to spend some time with Barb figuring out the perfect piece to use this skein.

The best part is that she picked her own Christmas present!