Yesterday, I took a tour of Echoview Fiber Mill, a local fiber mill here in Weaverville, NC. We only live about fifteen minutes away, so how could I resist? Steph and Barb, her mom, came with me to see the inner workings.

Any quick trip down the highway away from town continues to blow me away. The autumn fall colors continue slowly through the hills although the predominant colors now are rusty brown and light gray. They fall across the mountains like a snuggly soft blanket.

Echoview Fiber Mill

We arrived just a tad late and zipped upstairs to join the tour.  The tour guide, Amalia, led us through the process of turning fiber into yarn from a glass wall overlooking the mill floor. Her wonderful energy and knowledge impressed and enthused us as we contemplated the work occurring below.

When we finished learning about the milling process, she took us in to see their designer at work on a giant(!!) knitting machine. Like the rest of the facility, her design studio looked like it fell out of a magazine with its clean white walls and artfully cluttered points of color.

I’m not going to even talk about the gorgeous classroom. I just hope I didn’t leave any drool trails on the floor as we left.

They even have a library full of books and magazines about fiber, fiber animals, spinning, knitting, weaving, and even beekeeping! (Echoview Fiber Mill also produces honey – another of my areas of interest as we make the move into this more temperate climate. Don’t you think I’d look grand in a beekeeping outfit?) And it’s a real library. I can go over and just read or check books out when I need to do research. Plus, I bet that, as I unpack, any of my knitting books I decide aren’t useful would fit in nicely there. However, the mere opportunity to spend some time reading and researching in their beautiful facility makes my soul happy.

We ended our tour in the shop where I purchased some gorgeous sportweight yarn, all 100% merino and yummy.

Echoview Yarn

My brain blooms as I contemplate designing with this yarn. Oooooooh! I can’t wait to start knitting!

Myra, the lovely woman in the shop, reiterated a remark from Amalia that they will be having a holiday bazaar there on the first weekend of December (Friday & Saturday, 12/2 &3). Local artists and vendors will populate the facility and Amalia said she would even be holding some classes.

As we left the building, we noticed the cutest sculpture on the side of the little patio.

Barbie & the Bulldog

Barb had to give him a little squeeze!

After this visit, I feel myself starting to get excited to dip my toe into the Asheville fiber scene. I have to admit, Asheville (and Weaverville too!) continues to inspire me each time I step further out my door. The artistic energy in this area bustles through even the most mundane shops, offices, and industrial spaces.

I think I’m ready to join in!