I’ve been trying to decide what my next fun knitting project would be. I’ve played around with the idea of knitting up one of the other patterns in the same issue of Knitty that my Mont St. Michel socks are in. There are some really darling ones (like Candied Violets – couldn’t you just eat those up?), and I could grab onto one of those. Plus, the chance to make a new connection with another designer would be so much fun. I feel like making this choice is really good for my knitting business.


This is fun knitting.

I have something else that I need to get done.

Now, my fun knitting is supposed to be all about me but(!) I’m getting too close to Christmas for that. I think it may be time to get something going on that front. Gifts need to start stacking up and I have the perfect piece to get it started!

Eric Socks 2016
Yarn: Zitron Unisono, 100% Merino Wool infused with Aloe Vera & Jojoba. Colorway unknown but very Halloweenish.  Eric loves orange!

Each summer, I make a pair of socks for Eric. Last year, I didn’t get them to him until Halloween and I’m afraid if I don’t start now, I won’t have this pair done before Christmas! He picked the yarn this past summer, so I know he’ll like it. I cast on back in July, and now it’s time to finish them.

For these socks, I’m using my usual Eric sock pattern. Worked top-down, each sock begins with a tubular cast-on for maximum stretchiness and then continues in a 1×1 rib for just a couple of inches. Turn the heel and we’re off to the races in stockinette for his long, long foot. Thank goodness, he likes a really short leg!

Well, then.  My 2016 Christmas knitting marathon begins today!

I’m so late getting started.