Over this fall, I haven’t felt like it was really, really Fall. The temperatures remained too warm for me to feel the rustling leaves coating the ground should even be there. Blue skies reigned since we arrived. I only needed t-shirts and adding even a light shawl warmed my arms just a tad too much. When we needed to put the mini peanut butter cups in the freezer so they didn’t just melt in the post-Halloween heat, I think that just capped the whole experience for me.

After almost a month of the air conditioner coming on sporadically, our days have finally turned to Autumn. Light turns gold in the afternoon.  I am snuggling into a hat and mittens to ward off the chill in the early morning air while I walk the dogs. A cardigan sits on my shoulders most of the afternoon and I’m deeply regretting allowing the movers to put my handknits so far back in the storage unit.

Finally, I’m starting to get in the mood! The red and brown leaves coating the ground feel right, I’m craving pumpkin and butternut squash, and the fact that Thanksgiving is just around the corner doesn’t surprise me.

With that being said, I think this Friday calls for a cute little pumpkin shaped baby hat for that darling little person in your life! I mean, who could resist a lil’ punkin eating pumpkin pie?

Lil Punkin Head

This little hat whips up in a flash and can easily be finished in time for wearing to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

I mean, unless you are far away from the grandkids and don’t want to spend the money on express postage.

Still, you can pop it on them when they get there.

I used Plymouth Alpaca DK to knit up this hat the first time and quite enjoyed the soft yarn nuzzling up against my fingers. The fact that yarn wasn’t superwash didn’t seem to matter that much since the piece is a hat. That particular little baby loved it and left it on during her visit to the pumpkin patch. However, any DK or worsted weight yarn works well and I usually recommend using superwash for anything knitted for a baby. The whole hat only takes 145 yards. As long as you have at least 125 yards of orange, you can use scraps for the brown stem and green tendrils.

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Enjoy your weekend!