On Monday, we drove down to the River Arts District here in Asheville to visit Steph’s mother’s friend, Wendy Whitson (she’s an artist who also owns a gallery space, NorthLight Studios). We dropped Barb off, chatted with Wendy for a moment, and then headed off into the sunlight to explore!

The River Arts District lies in an industrial area just by the French Broad River. Trains still run through, delivering goods and blocking traffic.

Train through the River Arts District

Just like the artists around us, roses bloom even if they are encased in fences and trapped in front of a small oil company office.

Roses at the Oil Office

I found these pillows displayed outside of the Sunnyside Trading Company. They are made with vintage Kantha fabric from India. I love the little white dotted line lining the entire piece. Watch for something like that to show up in my work in the next few months for sure!

Vintage Kantha Pillows

I especially noticed one mural, stuck on a wall in the middle of a parking lot. I think you’ll be able to tell why it struck me so.

Change Mural

Yep. It’s time for change. The sign told me.

As we wandered about, we met people and chit-chatted. I didn’t see a lot of textile art out there although I did meet one lady making fun and artistic pillows who calls her business “Sew What by Jaime.” I thought that was kind of an interesting little coincidence. Jaime was super-nice though, and I hope to see her again.

Inspiration flowed from every corner and, with our eyes full and our feet heavy, we finally headed back to the space to pick up Barb and go home to the pets and the quiet of our little place.

Asiago Kitty Belly

After all, who couldn’t use a little kitty belly at the end of the day?