While I was away this past week, I did manage to finish the knitting on the Taboo MKAL shawl. Here’s a picture of the finished but unblocked piece.

Taboo Unblocked

The ruffly edge and the beads send me over the moon! I finished the last row on Wednesday (a seven bead repeat which took an entire afternoon!) and then the picot bind-off on Sunday. I had to bribe myself with other knitting to get myself to finish that picot bind-off.

In other news, the test-knit for Plymouth is almost complete. I just have a few ends to weave in.

wink, wink

Space for blocking has been a concern for me ever since we arrived. We’re in one bed and Barb is in the other, so my usual place is inaccessible. I searched around Barb’s place over and over again.

This space wasn’t big enough.

That space contained way too much furniture to be moved.

What about that space just by the dining room? Nope. We actually walk there.

After searching and searching, I finally found the perfect spot staring me in the face.

The floor, while not optimal, means I can pin through my towel into the carpet and pad so my aggressive lace blocking will hold its shape. No one ever walks there, so the piece won’t impede traffic patterns. Best of all, I only have to move one small piece of furniture to get the space I need.

Blocking Area

Unfortunately, the space is smack dab in the middle of the focal point of the living area.

I have to say, Barb was very supportive.

Last night, I pulled out my blocking wires and got to work. I even got some unexpected help.

Cappy & Asiago Relax on the Taboo

Only Ty can resist relaxing on the damp shawl.

Dolce Takes Her Turn

Kitties have always snuggled in on my pieces as they blocked, so I wasn’t so concerned about them. However, once Asiago left the shawl, Cappy did too. I woke up this morning to find the shawl in perfect shape!

Taboo Shawl Blocked

The Taboo shawl delights my soul. I haven’t spent this kind of time with lace and beads for quite a while. The structure and regimen of lace knitting soothed my soul during all of the chaos. Beads sparkled and shone through my darkest moods. I love the way the contrasting color melts into the main and just gives that one little section of lacy starbursts a little emphasis. I wonder how many people will even realize why they see those so clearly.

The Finished Taboo

I’ve loved the BooKnits lace shawls ever since I discovered them about a year ago. Her lace enchants my soul, and once I interviewed her and discovered how charming she was, I don’t know that I can ever resist another of her patterns.

I even have a party on Thursday where I can wear it for the first time! Appropriately! Not just to the grocery store!

And now, I get to pick another fun knitting project. I don’t know which is more fabulous: finishing up this glorious shawl or finding a new pattern to explore. Woohoo!