A week ago last Thursday, I disappeared.

Just wanted to let you know that I knew that I did that.

Basically, after a busy summer culminating in the move across the country and a trip to Arkansas with my mother, I absolutely fell apart for an entire week. Physical and emotional exhaustion can do that to a person, I guess.

I dislike it when I am weak.

Admitting that with a little shout out into the internet ethers seems to help though.

While I was gone, I spent a lot of time snuggling into my Tears & Laughter shawl. My favorite way to wear it this past week was with jeans and a t-shirt, simply swung over my shoulders and either tied simply in the front or lying loosely over my arms.

Tears & Laughter Shawl Styling

I did see an episode of Will & Grace which inspired another way to wear it which was directly over one shoulder and then draped over the opposite arm. Karen always looks so put together, and the length of my shawl would definitely allow for that sort of styling. I’m going to test that styling next!

Yep. The Tears & Laughter shawl is my new blankie. It traveled with me down to Arkansas and comforted me as I talked with my cousin about my aunt’s ongoing descent into dementia, sorted through trunks full of old family photos, and drove across the entire state of Tennessee the long way -twice! As I spent the next weekend alternately crying, sleeping, and eating, I wrapped myself up in that shawl and read my silly book (Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley – fun, fun read!). For the rest of the week, I released my hold on the shawl a bit (early childhood training taught me to let the blankie go) and only wore it when I needed a little warmth or accessorizing or in what passed as a “high stress situation” such as taking a beautiful trip into the country to look at a new house which was unsuitably far from town.

Marshall Hills

These gorgeous hillsides were a pretty good reward for our long windy trip! Autumn colors were just past their peak and the roadsides contained bucolic fields filled with livestock and old tobacco barns.

While the homesickness still resides quietly within me, it isn’t screaming anymore. I can see that we have moved to an area filled with beauty and possibility. I have my Tears & Laughter shawl for those moments when I need a little comfort.

And I still have all of you lovely people joining me on this crazy journey!

Perhaps that’s the comfort that I need.