As the days grow cooler, I find my thoughts turning to thick cabled cardigans, snuggly cabled cowls, and cuddly cabled mittens and scarves and fingerless mitts and pullovers and hats.

In short, I fall in love with cables again.

For many years, I avoided cables on anything that was reversible. Cabled scarves were not to be tolerated! A cardigan with cables that you would let hang open to reveal the twisty-turny-purled inside? No way!

Then, I discovered reversible cables. Oh the joy! Oh the rapture!

Reversible cables, so mysterious and so simple, changed my thoughts about cables on scarves and shawls and cardigans. They removed the possibility of that back side that I find so unattractive. And it all happens with a simple single 1×1 rib.

Each cable is worked the same way as a regular cable, but instead of working from a stockinette field, the cable is founded in a knit one, purl one rib. Any type of cable can be created this way!

Reversible Cables

In my latest design (which I’ll be releasing in late November – just in time for Christmas knitting!), you can see three different cables: one left-leaning, one right-leaning, and a set of cables creating a “hoofprint on the beach.” All of these cables are reversible! That means that you can just toss this scarf on and not have to worry which side is showing.

My crazy little heart beats a little faster from the pleasure.

Watch in November for my reversible cable tutorial. I can’t wait to share!