Over the weekend, I got quite a bit done on my Taboo MKAL. In fact, I’m onto clue #3 now!

Second clue completed - Taboo

I had a hard time getting it to come out on this photograph, but there are now two colors in the shawl: the main purple and a dark blue/purple variegate. The idea behind the two colors is that the main color would seep into the contrasting color stripes giving the shawl a bit of an eerie feeling.

I definitely managed to pick a colorway very, very close to the main color.

The slight variation generally creates more of a glance of iridescence rather than a real stripe. In the picture, because of the light, I find that I can hardly find it myself – and I knitted those stripes!  Basically, there are three stripes and the main one runs along that line of lace about an inch below the needles.

The bead is a bit easier to find since it’s snuggled up alongside the needle. I picked these beads as they really pick up any color along the way, and when the bronze shows, it’s much more neutral than if I’d gone with a silver-lined purple. Plus, with this combination, the metallic bead felt a bit more spooky for Halloween.

So far, I’m loving the way this piece is coming together! I can’t wait to get it done and blocked so everything can really show up.

Otherwise in my life, I’m in Arkansas for the week (Mom and I drove over to visit my aunt – more on that later), so I have lots and lots of knitting time. Woohoo!