I’m loving my little morning walk with the dogs. Even though I don’t get out until after 7am, I rarely see anyone else out and about. The solitude affords me a few moments in the day to be alone in this new wilderness of our lives.

Each day, I get this little lift in my soul as I look across the valley. Most mornings the sun is rising, so the colors get a little washed out, but I thought this was a pretty good representation.

Valley at Sunrise

This morning, we surprised (and were surprised ourselves) by a couple of ducks who zipped out along the surface of the water to find a safe space from which to observe us.

Ducks on the Pond

These peaceful mornings are preparing me for the days that lie beyond. Our days right now are filled with tons of new experiences, finding new places, setting our pathways. For example, today’s plan includes having lunch with a new acquaintance at a new restaurant, exploring the houses I’ve been stalking on Zillow, and finding our new pet food store before the cats and dogs run out completely (which must, must, must happen today as the cats are only one bit of wet food away from, as they tell it, starvation!).

Also, tomorrow, my newest pattern launches! I gave each of my partners at Sew Steamboat this pattern and a kit to make it up as I left Steamboat (as the piece is inspired by them). Everyone else gets to see tomorrow!

For now, here’s the finished baby hat. Doesn’t it look like a tomato?

Completed Baby Hat