The day before yesterday, an old friend contacted me.

“I just found out and am going home for Thanksgiving. Can you make a tomato baby hat for my niece? I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this before you left town!”

Of course.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t do this sort of thing normally. You have to be very special and very close and willing to pay me for my time to knit. That’s the rule.

However, the thing about baby hats is that they come together quickly and I can usually whip one out in an evening. Of course, my temporary stash has none of my usual baby yarn in it, so I had to go to the closest yarn shop, The Knitting Diva.

I’d been there before on a previous trip, so finding it wasn’t hard. As I walked through the door, a friendly face from the counter asked if I needed any help. Two minutes later, I was standing in front of a bin filled with superwash wool. I plucked deep red and light green skeins from the pile and then headed over to the needles. I needed a 10.5 for a test-knit that I’m swatching. Since they had the Chiao Goo Red Lace Twist interchangeable needles and cables (and my Addi interchangeable set misses the sizes between 10 and 11), I decided to get that type of needle for my Lace Twist interchangeable set (which is only the small sizes).

Standing there in front of the wall of needles, the same friendly face came back over to ask if I needed some help with the needles.

“I think I have it under control,” I replied, “I’m sorry. I’m a little at sea here. We just moved into the area and I was a partner in a yarn shop. I just left all of partners and came out here and now, I need a needle.” I felt the tears behind my eyes as I said it. Here I was, standing in a large, well-stocked, beautiful space with this very nice lady, and I was about to cry tears of homesickness.

Panicked, I managed to burble out my little story about my interchangeable sets and introduce myself. I grabbed the needle and cable from the wall, made my purchase, and left her my card.

I’m trying to be a good networker. Apparently, that won’t go well if I keep almost bursting into tears in yarn shops.

Now, I’m at our new place, working on the tomato hat. The quick rows of stockinette and easy pattern (I love the Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier – changed from blue to red for the tomato) are easing my sadness.

Tomato Baby Hat

For now. I may have to go get another needle today.