We arrived in the Asheville area on Friday and, after a whirlwind of storing our stuff and then a day of rest, I feel like I can get back to it!

The drive was mostly boring with a few moments of sheer terror, but that’s how I go through my life, so – no problem!

We started out late – so late! – and ended up arriving to our first destination (Kansas) after midnight. However, I had forgotten about the time change, so we actually woke up the little motel proprietor after 1AM. Fumbling and stumbling, we unpacked the stuff we needed from the car and the truck (traveling with pets is like traveling with kids, except you can’t make them carry anything!) and collapsed into bed.

The next morning, we woke from a restless sleep and I walked the dogs out into the neighborhood. Since the motel was sunk into the center of this little burg, I got to explore streets filled with empty houses whose owners had gone to work or were doing errands or being somehow productive in the world. After the dogs were done with their morning stroll, I took Asiago out into the alley to see if he would like a little walk.

Asiago in the Pea Patch

He found this little patch of peas exciting, but zipped back into the motel room and seemed happy to remain inside for the rest of the trip.

Kitties in the car

Another late start (but not as late as the first) meant that we arrived at our next destination (Missouri) after 8pm. The hotel was on the highway, but had a lovely lawn, so we spent some time playing ball with the dogs before loading them back up and heading off to Tennessee.

Dogs Playing Ball
This pic is actually in Kansas, but it was pretty much the same view in Missouri.

The highlight of our final night on the road was the little lady at McDonalds who gifted me with a small container of milk. I’m guessing that charging me for the container was too much for her to handle at that moment. She also conspiratorially asked me if I’d like extra sauce. I smiled, declined, and thanked her quietly for her generosity.

Finally, we pulled into my mother-in-law’s house at 5pm on Friday evening. After settling and welcoming and a lovely meal, we dissolved into the comfy bed and the pets all crowded in around us.

Elephant Ear
My mother-in-law’s back patio. The giant elephant ear plant is named “Noah.”

The next morning, the dogs and I took a little walk around the neighborhood. I thought I remembered a pond and we explored until we found it.

Barb's Pond

Anytime I’m outside here, I’m reminded of how alive the south is. Constant chirping and tweeting and the incessant hum of the crickets surrounds me. I am never alone outside. I’m finding it comforting and soft, like I could easily cuddle into the air.

Mist fills the air and sky this morning, and I wonder what that does to the drive into town. Here, away from the bustle, it changes the little pond into a magical landscape.

Misty Pond

Right now, everything is unknown and filled with possibility. I’m excited to get started, so….

Here I go!