As I have been getting things packed for this move, I have been organizing my projects, notes, and temporary stash.

Oh yes! I have a temporary stash that I’m using while my main stash is being used to cushion our fragile china and crystal in the moving process. As a knitter, I have to have some yarn to use as I explore my creativity, designing new knitted accessories and knitwear and sharing about it on this blog.

Part of that meant spending a big part of the past Sunday frogging a couple of sweaters that I knitted forever ago! Reclaiming that yarn allowed me to more easily pack all that yarn into a smaller space.

Temporary Stash
The temporary stash

As I unraveled a brick red cotton turtleneck sweater, pulled out of shape by gravity on my first day of wearing, the title of the October Knitter’s Almanac chapter echoed in my mind: Open-Necked Pullover. The thick red cotton yarn (definitely aran weight although the brand and name is lost to time) would make a great quick sweater and I might even be able to finish it up during the month of October.

Hahahahahaahaha! See what I did there? I grabbed a totally new project even though I have several on my list to complete during October. Like I have the time with THE MOVE and everything else!

Yesterday, I read the chapter and saw that the open-necked pullover included a collar and emulated a polo shirt with buttons. EZ also includes instructions for bottom-up and top-down construction. As I read, I made a couple of decisions. First, I would design my first top-down sweater during this process. The construction uses raglan shaping, with which I am very comfortable, and that makes sense for my first foray into this crazy world.

Knitter's Almanac October

Second, the sweater would be simple. As I read, the same sweater kept showing up in my mind: a wide-ribbed boxy sweater with either a v-neck or a simple separation with buttons that would most often remain unbuttoned. I’m still not sure about the collar style. EZ created a garter-stitch collar with an i-cord edging. One of the things about choosing a cotton yarn means that I’m giving up a little structure, and that doesn’t always work with a collar. I may simply use an i-cord edging around the neckline, which leads me more in the direction of the v-neck.

With all that in mind, I now want to grab those balls of brick red yarn and cast on that hat swatch.

However, I think I’ll be able to resist. To design this sweater top-down, I need a copy of Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top for research, and I don’t want to move another book! I’ve made the decision (it’s so hard!) to wait until we get to Asheville to get that book and start my top-down sweater research.

Also, as I frogged that sweater, I knew that I might run out of yarn since I want to knit the new one more densely. I do have more of that yarn since I bought enough of it to make a big blanket cardigan for myself. I abandoned that cardigan when I tried on the almost finished product and Steph gave me the solemn slow headshake which means, “I love you honey, but no.”

That unfrogged cardi is, I think, currently cuddling our crystal and protecting it for the long trip across the country and then into our new home when we finally sell our house here and purchase another one out east.

So I have a while to wait for everything to fall into place.

That’s okay.

I have a couple of other projects to take my mind off of things: the BooKnits MKAL, a wide scarf that I’m knitting up to finish my November design, the Sew Steamboat sock MKAL with the Knit Purl Hunter, Eric’s summer socks (still unfinished!), another pair of socks for me that I’m carrying in my purse, Steph’s Color Affection shawl….

Yeah. I’ll be okay.