Over the weekend, I finished up my September fun knitting! Here’s the new pair of socks.

Time Traveler Socks
Time Traveler Socks (Spud & Chloe Stripey Fine in Mint Chip)

When I started the first Time Traveler, I used my US size 1s and cast on the 64 stitch size. Once I finished it, I realized that the sock was just a little too large (the one of the left – can you see the wrinkle at the ankle?  Argh). The yarn felt a little bulky as I knit with it, so I’m not sure I would have gotten fewer stitches per inch with a smaller needle.

I cast on the second using the 60 stitch size and it fits perfectly! Just goes to show that swatching always pays off and I shouldn’t have skipped it.

Once I finished those, I felt free to begin working on the BooKnits MKAL! I received the first clue on Saturday.

Since I’m using not-the-right-yarn (fingering weight instead of laceweight), I cast on with a needle one size higher than recommended. At this point, I’ve finished two of the eight repeats in the first clue.

Taboo BooKnits MKAL
Two repeats of the first clue of the Taboo. Six to go!

Love. It.

The dark purple is making my heart soar and immersing myself in lace again takes me right into a lovely place of interesting mindful knitting. Each time I pick up this piece, I escape from my life of packing and cleaning and moving, moving, moving!

Just as it should be with my fun knitting.