Three years ago, a group of ladies followed me into the grand adventure of small business as we banded together to save our local yarn shop, Sew Steamboat. While a couple of the faces have changed, this group has continued to keep the shop running, offer each other emotional and physical support, and play with yarn and fabric in the most magnificent ways. Their generosity in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm continues to amaze me.

And now I must leave.

On Friday, the ladies at Sew Steamboat held a going away party for me at Sit ‘n Stitch. Full of tears and laughter (luckily more laughter than tears), we enjoyed knitting, yummy snacks, a beautiful pumpkin spice cake, and wine after the store closed.

Bon Voyage Cake
Lynn baked and decorated this cake for the party. Her first attempt to sculpt with fondant!

Everyone gave me a card and some even included a little present. I received an amazing pile of beautiful yarn from local and specialty sources, a book that I’ve been wanting to read since it came out (The Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes), a sweet shawl pin, and a handmade knitting bag that I have been yearning to own since Lynn sewed it up as a sample. The generosity of my partners and their loving words get to travel with me across the country.

Dolce & the presents
Dolce can’t resist the yarn or the bag. I had to pull her out of the bag to take the picture!

On the short drive home, I sobbed. As I say goodbye this week, I feel like I’m pulling up the roots of a particularly recalcitrant plant. With each leaving, I feel the dirt give way, pulling the main stems of my roots free while losing a web of them, leaving them in the dirt. With luck, they will continue to nourish the soil, disintegrating until no one knows that they even were a part of me.

What I know is that, each time I pull away, I feel those roots ripping out of my chest. Little parts of my heart remain here. They always will.

I hope I didn’t leave too much of a mess. I’m too lazy to sweep the dirt off the sidewalk.