I received the yarn for the September Knitter’s Almanac project! Nether garments are that much closer to me.

Yarn for Nether Garments
Nether Garment yarn

Don’t those colors just scream “Ladybugs on the Beach”?

I’m excited to get started, but since we’re rolling out in just twelve days, my focus has to be on packing. So, into my project box with these beautiful skeins!

As I’m making this move, I’m separating my knitting life into boxes. One box contains all the yarn that I deem necessary to keep available as I make the move so I can continue moving forward with the Knitter’s Almanac project and other designs. Then, there’s the box which contains all the paperwork: design sketches, folders, business records. That box will also hold my drawing materials and reference books that stayed with me instead of getting packed away for a month of storage on the other end of this move.

For my current projects, I have a box and a basket, along with my big knitting bag. These three keep the faith for me and form my little stand by my chair.

Knitting Station
Knitting Station

I have to admit, I love my new arrangement so much more than the little pile my yarn used to form at my feet. The box and basket hold my knitting needles and my current projects in progress. This weekend, the projects here will get organized so I don’t lose all the work I’ve done on designs which are fully in progress, designed and swatched, or designed with or without yarn ready for swatching. All those projects will get stored in bags with their design notes, sketches, and yarn and settled into a box of their own to safely journey across the country.

Of course, my most current project will be by my side in my fun purple knitting backpack as I make the drive.  (I’m thinking it’s going to be my October BooKnits MKAL.)

I sound so organized, don’t I? I think I might be overcompensating for the chaos that surrounds me right now.

Packing Room
Packing Room

We still have a ways to go.