We are gearing up to move across the country in a couple of weeks. My sadness at leaving is being balanced by an excitement for this new experience.  I’m looking forward to seeing new things, hiking new trails, watching a new progression of seasons.

Last week, Stephanie and I took a quick trip down to Denver and, as we were coming back over the pass, we gloried in the colors.  Stephanie took pictures out the windows of the car and finally gave up.  I asked her if she wanted me to pull over, and she said, “No.  I just want to memorize it.”

And that’s the thing.  We’ll see the gorgeous pictures of the mountain colors, the wildlife, and the sunsets on Facebook and Instagram.  We just won’t see them in real life anymore (until we come visit again – and we will come visit again).

So, as I walk the dogs around the neighborhood and on our glorious trails for the last few times, I am memorizing the sights and smells and sounds of Steamboat.

I will still be taking pictures though.  I find too much inspiration in my daily life to stop that.

For example, a couple of weekends ago, we visited Butcherknife Trail early in the morning.

Moon over Butcherknife
Moon over Butcherknife early in the morning

The moon still maintained its position in the blue sky despite the bright sunlight.

crag on butcherknife_091716

This wall of rock provided a stark background to the soft grass and leaves as they change their colors and drop their seeds.

Mt. Werner from Crawford
Mt. Werner from Crawford Avenue

Last week, the clouds dimmed the light and made the bright yellow of the cottonwoods and aspens zing.

Watering Can
Watering Can

In the afternoon, I walk out into my yard to play ball with the dogs and find a brand new view, especially in the fall and spring.  This watering can didn’t get a lot of use this summer, but managed to find some leaves on the sidewalk.

Asiago in the trough
Asiago relaxes in the trough.

Asiago took a moment and snuggled into my dying chives to nap in the sunshine.

As I pack our lives into boxes, these moments become precious gems, inspiring my designs and writing as I cement my memories of our ordinary life in this extraordinary place.