After a very slow start, the second sock finished up in just three days.

All through the time I worked on the Jaywalker socks, the yarn was the favorite. While the Lane Cervenia Forever yarn (distributed by Plymouth – yes, we have it at Sew Steamboat) doesn’t look very special on the ball, as I knitted it up into the sock, people couldn’t resist it! Yesterday, as I sat waiting for Stephanie at the opthamologist, three different ladies (two knitters, one who wished she was) stopped to ask questions about the yarn and remark on its beauty. Each time I pulled out the socks at Sit ‘n Stitch, people would ask about the yarn, disappear, and re-appear with small bags.

While I liked the yarn (the colors made me smile and the stripes kept me knitting), I loved delving into a classic pattern, watching the stripes turn into chevrons, and knitting just to get a pair of socks to wear. The Jaywalkers were fun to knit and the easy pattern turned a plain pair of socks into a whimsical surprise for anyone seeing my feet.

Jaywalker Socks - Forever
Jaywalker socks knitted in Forever (Color #64)

Look how fun! They’re a great addition to my wardrobe and I can’t wait to wear them to knitting this afternoon.

Now, on to the second Time Traveler!