Yesterday, released from the last project, I was at a loss for what to knit. I sat in my chair last evening and plucked and picked at the projects I have piled around me. Currently in process, I have:

  • The second Jaywalker sock
  • The second Time Traveler sock
  • Knitter’s Almanac design projects for March, July, August (September’s yarn isn’t here yet.) – Note how I gathered these all together in one bullet like they aren’t three different projects.  Might be in a little denial about these.
  • Design / submission knitting that I can’t talk about or show yet

I thought back to a list of projects I put together at the end of August, and realized that I’d made a commitment to myself to get the second socks done in September so I’d have two new pair for the winter. I still have ten days left.

Second Jaywalker
Halfway done with the leg!

Funny how much progress I can make when I focus.