After writing my entry yesterday, the inspiration hit for the nether garments – Ladybugs on the Beach!

Ladybugs on the Beach
Ladybugs on the Beach

As these little ladies scurried all over the beach, I wished that I had worn a pair of pants that I didn’t have to roll up so I could walk out of my shoes and into the water without stopping. Stephanie enjoyed the cool water swishing over her toes while I wandered around the beach taking picture after picture.

Steph's feet in the water
Steph’s feet in the water

I’ve seen people wearing yoga pants and capris which seem to be pretty fitted, but flattering, with a flare just under the knee. In a flash, I saw myself dancing along a beach, wading in the water, wearing a handknitted version of these pants. Mostly in a gray-brown color with a bright slash of ladybug red at the bottom, these pants would be easy to throw on my body and head out the door to go to the store or walk the dogs or visit the botanic gardens.

Nether Garment design
Nether Garment Design

The only problem is that I think I may need to make a cardigan to go with them.

What can I say? It was there in my vision.