A couple of weeks ago, when I went to Yellowstone, I found healing. However, the landscape (unsurprisingly) also inspired me with its colors and shapes.  As I walked around, I imagined lace motifs, cables spilling through fabric, and brightly colored yarns.

Looking through my pictures to find a few to share here, I was overwhelmed once again. Here are just five that struck me.

Ladybugs on the Beach
Ladybugs on the Beach

When we drove into the park, the first stop was at Fishing Bridge where we walked straight through the museum and out to the beach.  At the edge of this vast lake, I found myself enchanted by tiny ladybugs gathered in the wet sand.

Green Bacterial Mat
Green Bacterial Mat

Crazy bright chartreuse shone up from beside the boardwalk as I walked to a nearby geyser.

Lower Falls
Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

My first sight of the shockingly beautiful lower falls of of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Got My Prize
Got the Prize

Steph held out a bit of sandwich and this bird jumped right down to grab a bit.  At first, I thought it flew away with nothing, but then I found this photo which clearly shows the bread in the camp robber’s beak.

smoky smoky tetons
Smoky, Smoky Tetons

Leaving the park, we traveled south through the Grand Teton National Park.  The smoke from the Berry Fire hung heavy over everything, and my first sight of the mountains blurred.  This fringe of tall trees entranced me as I realized the vastness of this burning space.

Each of these photos captured a moment of inspiration.  In my mind’s eye, I can see ladybugs crawling up the side of my new “nether garment” design, a yarn encompassing all of the green and brown and cream of the bacterial mat, motifs spilling down cardigans and cowls like the waterfall, the perfect pullover to embody the feeling of the prize-winning bird, and the fringe sparsely flipping over the edge of a warm, fluffy blanket of epic proportions.

Inspiration spills out of this park, and the few days that I spent there filled me as the snowfall fills the geysers and the hot springs and the mudpots.  I know that the gloopy mudpots of autumn will eventually arrive.  The inspiration of this trip seeps out of me even now.  The pictures of these sights are still there though (oh, so many pictures!) and remain to give me a little boost every now and then.