Over the past three months, I held a Summer of Socks Knit-Along for Sew Steamboat. Not many people joined me (it was more of a “Knit Alone”) but I did fulfill my mission of getting three pairs of socks on my needles.

You see, I need some more socks.

Several of my handmade pairs developed holes over last year and I haven’t kept up with demand. Every time I thought about creating a new pair, or even when I actually cast one on, I couldn’t seem to finish them because I always had something else to knit.

I did finish one pair – the Monkey socks knit out of Malabrigo Sock in the colorway Archangel. Aren’t they lovely?

Monkey Socks
My finished Monkey Socks, June 2016

I only have one sock of each of the others: the Jaywalkers knit in Forever and the Time Travelers knit in Spud and Chloe Stripey Sock.

Jaywalker & Time Traveler
One sock of each pair. Not bad?

Time to finish up the final ones!

I’ve cast on the second Jaywalker, but the Time Traveler remains in a ball.

Potential Socks
Time to mine the potential!

As always, I have test-knitting projects and design projects to distract me, but this is now my fun knitting (because who doesn’t need a break from the work, work, work knitting?).

While I have other things that take me away from knitting (like reading and walking with the dogs – all knitting and nothing else makes LA a dull girl!), having a knitting project that has nothing to do with anything else work related keeps me sane. I work on these projects on Sunday mornings and take them with me on hikes and picnics. These are the projects which remind me why I took up knitting in the first place – the joy of finding a great pattern and the perfect yarn to go with it, following the directions and making my own choices along the way, watching the beauty unfold from my needles.

This week, as I push hard to finish up a test-knit which is acting as if it enjoys making me scream in frustration, I am making sure to take the time occasionally to pick up my little Jaywalker sock and knit a couple of rows every once in a while. It’s my reward for being a good girl and getting my real knitting work done!

And now my current break is over.