Beginning Again

Today, I relaunch my blog after a two year absence.LA Bourgeois

Back in August 2014, went down due to hacking (bleah on hackers!).

All in all, that’s not so bad. I mean, really, that sort of thing happens every day. People pick themselves up, fix their security, and move on.

However, at the same time my day job picked up its pace and began to take over my time and efforts in a very real way. As I worked harder and harder on someone else’s vision, I found myself more and more unsettled and unhappy with that choice.

At the beginning of August this year, I left that job for several reasons including the fact that we’ll be moving across the country as soon as we sell our house here in Steamboat Springs. The most important reason, though, is the renewal of my dedication to my knitting design and writing.

Today, I am not only relaunching my blog; I am relaunching my business. I am running off the cliff with the hang glider of all of my knitting knowledge, business knowledge, and all of the tools both of those backgrounds bring with them.

My mission is to delight, inspire, and enable people to create beauty joyfully. I hope to do this for you as a knitter, as a reader, as a student, as a designer, and as an independent yarn company and/or local yarn store.

Beginning today, I’ll be sharing my knitting tips, tutorials, thoughts, process, and designs (as well as some special Housewyfe tips, tricks, and recipes) on this blog!

Watch this site over the next few weeks as I update all the pages to better show off my knitting designs and also more fully describe my available services as a knitting designer, writer, tech editor, teacher, and presenter.

I look forward to the love and the passion and the beauty and the delight of working this business.

I look forward to connecting with knitters and readers and other knitting designers, yarn makers, local yarn stores, and writers.

Mostly, I look forward to picking up where I left off – growing and learning and entertaining and connecting with everyone!

I’ve missed you! So glad to be back!