The Diary

Little Yellow Farmhouse: Refreshing the Starter

During my time in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a dear friend gifted me with a jar of sourdough starter. This magic beast is a jar full of a simple dough teeming with wild yeast. Starter forms the basis of sourdough bread (and pancakes and biscuits and rolls), and can be used […]


Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Springtime Makeovers

I am sitting in the sun in a ragged piece of lawn furniture. The brick red paint is chipping off the soft wood and the pillow which kindly softens the slatted backrest and woven seat has lost gobs of its stuffing. I don’t care. The rays from the sun are […]

Springtime Makeover

Farmer LA’s Spring Garden Update

My yard is pushing a late spring vibe. Pink peonies burst onto the scene early this week. Their blowsy blooms seduce me but seeing ants zipping around their petals, I resist leaning in. My mother-in-law, a flower felon, now knows we have at least three in full bloom. I’m sure […]

Broccoli Butterfly - 5/17/17

Little Yellow Farmhouse: What Goes With a Mid-Life Crisis? Chocolate Chip Cookies

Did you ever watch Mythbusters? That particular show focused on two fellows who tested different myths from movies to urban legends to actual myths. They would research and experiment, usually building or rigging some object to perform the task. One of the hallmarks of the show was taking the myth […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: She’s a Working Girl

By now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, that little baby dyke ‘Lesbian Housewyfe’ is just a Generation X slacker who’s trying to cover up her lack of a job by turning her life into a series of anecdotes.” Not quite, Charlie. I don’t just stay at home even though that […]

She's a Working Girl

Mountain Goat Report: The 30-Day Plank Challenge Continues!

Good news first! When measuring this week, my weight decreased by two pounds and waist by one inch. Nothing like smaller numbers to make you feel like the queen of planking! Also, last week I averaged twenty-six minute miles on my two mile dog walk. I’m trying to get faster […]

Day 15 Success

Itchy Planting Fingers: How My Sweetie Recycled Plastic Boxes into Mini-Greenhouses

On Saturday, my sweetie and I planted the marigolds and nasturtiums! You see, when the deck was being constructed… Wait, did I tell you about the deck? I didn’t tell you about the deck! We have a new deck! In the very last week of April, my sweetie got these […]

Greenhouse Boxes

The Little Yellow Farmhouse: What to Do When Your Dog Dies at Home (And Digging a Hole Isn’t an Option)

On Easter Sunday, my dog, Cappy, died. The passing was unexpected and quiet. One moment he was sleeping. The next he was gone. After the storm of weeping calmed, we faced a horrible moment. What do you do with a dead dog in the middle of your living room? In […]