Not A Hat

So, the hat to match the beaded fingerless mitts went completely awry. I’ve been in denial for days. I always tell my students, “If you don’t like it now, you won’t like it ten rows from now.” I knew I didn’t like what was happening when I was halfway through […]

Not-A-Hat Cowl Around my Neck

Fairy Sparkles and Dandelion Fuzz

My first beaded fingerless mitt is complete. I feel like a fairy left a gift of sparkles and dandelion fuzz to wrap around my weary hands. I love how the dark gray beads glimmer dark in the sunlight and the soft blend of merino, silk and yak cuddle my hand […]

Beaded Fingerless Mitt

Old Crow Comes Out to Play

Recently, I got the itch to cast on something beaded. Of course. Because my “old crow” mind won’t let me just settle down and work on just one thing at a time. (Also because I’m teaching a beading technique class on the 25th and I need a little refresher for […]

Beaded Mitt Cuff/Swatch

Distraction Works

I have hidden my yarn. I called it “organizing” but really, I’ve secured all of the visible skeins that won’t fit in my temporary stash boxes in project bags or underneath the little pile of project bags and notions I’ve settled on top of my indoor storage box. Since I […]

Hidden Away with Dolce

Ripping Out the Roots

Three years ago, a group of ladies followed me into the grand adventure of small business as we banded together to save our local yarn shop, Sew Steamboat. While a couple of the faces have changed, this group has continued to keep the shop running, offer each other emotional and […]

Dolce & the presents