Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Springtime Makeovers

I am sitting in the sun in a ragged piece of lawn furniture. The brick red paint is chipping off the soft wood and the pillow which kindly softens the slatted backrest and woven seat has lost gobs of its stuffing. I don’t care. The rays from the sun are […]

Springtime Makeover

Morning Flowers

Each morning, I walk the dogs through our neighborhood. In my first spring here, I am wandering through a floral wonderland. The people in this neighborhood proudly keep beautiful lawns and gardens, filling them with glorious flowering plants. In turn, these flowers fill my soul with joy. This baby flowered for most […]

Redbud Branch

A New Knitting Rhythm

During the past few weeks, as Stephanie has been having her cataract surgeries (flying colors, by the way!), I have been knitting a little more each day. However, over the weekend, I pushed myself a little too much and my hands rebelled. The tendonitis threw up a flare of pain. […]

Steph's Color Affection

The First Day of My First Spring

Over the last nineteen first days of spring, I have been confronted with piles of snow or snow actively falling out of the sky. My biggest goal for the day usually was not falling on the slippery ice while walking the dogs or shoveling the walk. Flowers laid dormant under […]

First Day of Spring 2017

The Oldest Stash

Today for the #yarnlovechallenge, the word is “Oldest Stash.” Since most of my stash is cradling breakables in the storage unit, I dug through my temporary stash to see what was available. Frankly, I do have some old, old yarn in there. Amazingly, as I delved into my boxes, I found this: […]

Beachcomber Bamboo