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Bundle of Joy, Week 2: Lynn’s Wonder Cowl

Week Two of my Bundle of Joy… Lynn’s Wonder! This reversible cowl combines traditional and modern looks & techniques. One side embraces tradition with an aran design including cables and a herringbone topped with bobbles. A field of polka dots cross the other side, created with a two-color honeycomb cable […]

Lynn's Wonder Cowl (with Kaleo!)

Do You Knit Magic?

Today, Steph has her first cataract surgery. I’ve been in this situation before (and under much more dire circumstances). Even though this surgery takes only a few moments to perform and doesn’t even require her to be put under general anesthesia, I still find myself needing¬†to create my magic circle […]

Dream in Color Everlasting for Color Affection

Giving Thanks: Day Three – Beauty

Today, I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me. Even today, when the sky is full of smoke and the sun peeps desperately through the haze, the pink light and mountains disappearing into the air give the morning a mystical flair. This morning, we walked down to a area […]

Pile of Knitted Things

Giving Thanks – Day One: Knitting

Over the weekend, I realized that as I started this headlong rush into Christmas, I hadn’t taken time to enjoy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, for me, means rejoicing in the abundance of the season. I celebrate the harvest and feel thankful for the gifts of the past year. For the next five […]

Knitting Class

The October Knitter’s Almanac Project

As I have been getting things packed for this move, I have been organizing my projects, notes, and temporary stash. Oh yes! I have a temporary stash that I’m using while my main stash is being used to cushion our fragile china and crystal in the moving process. As a […]

Temporary Stash

Ripping Out the Roots

Three years ago, a group of ladies followed me into the grand adventure of small business as we banded together to save our local yarn shop, Sew Steamboat. While a couple of the faces have changed, this group has continued to keep the shop running, offer each other emotional and […]

Dolce & the presents