Finishing Hope for the Future

I finished my sweetie’s Color Affection shawl this week. I took two full evenings to bind off. When I pulled the yarn through the last stitch, I marveled. Finishing this shawl freed me. When I completed that bind-off and sat with the freed needle dangling from my hand, I realized […]

Everlasting Color Affection

A New Knitting Rhythm

During the past few weeks, as Stephanie has been having her cataract surgeries (flying colors, by the way!), I have been knitting a little more each day. However, over the weekend, I pushed myself a little too much and my hands rebelled. The tendonitis threw up a flare of pain. […]

Steph's Color Affection

Do You Knit Magic?

Today, Steph has her first cataract surgery. I’ve been in this situation before (and under much more dire circumstances). Even though this surgery takes only a few moments to perform and doesn’t even require her to be put under general anesthesia, I still find myself needing to create my magic circle […]

Dream in Color Everlasting for Color Affection

The Impronte di Dolce

Two years ago in the barest springtime, my little Dolce-bella-kitty-kitty got attacked by a hunting dog. Stephanie managed to wade through hip-deep icy snow and stop the attack. She called me and we rushed to the vet. Dolce stayed overnight in a little kitty oxygen tent and the perpetrator’s owner […]

Impronte di Dolce

The Oldest Stash

Today for the #yarnlovechallenge, the word is “Oldest Stash.” Since most of my stash is cradling breakables in the storage unit, I dug through my temporary stash to see what was available. Frankly, I do have some old, old yarn in there. Amazingly, as I delved into my boxes, I found this: […]

Beachcomber Bamboo

An Interview with Joanna Johnson of Sherlock Knits

Over the past month, I’ve allowed the Socks for Mary to languish while I healed. They’re still where we last left them. Despite my inability to knit, I can still chat and I have been chatting with Joanna Johnson, the designer of the socks and writer of Sherlock Knits. Joanna […]

Mrs. Hudson's Tea Cozy