The First Day of My First Spring

Over the last nineteen first days of spring, I have been confronted with piles of snow or snow actively falling out of the sky. My biggest goal for the day usually was not falling on the slippery ice while walking the dogs or shoveling the walk. Flowers laid dormant under […]

First Day of Spring 2017

The Impronte di Dolce

Two years ago in the barest springtime, my little Dolce-bella-kitty-kitty got attacked by a hunting dog. Stephanie managed to wade through hip-deep icy snow and stop the attack. She called me and we rushed to the vet. Dolce stayed overnight in a little kitty oxygen tent and the perpetrator’s owner […]

Impronte di Dolce

Merry, Happy, Jolly

Our traditional winter celebrations hinge upon light. Candles are lit one by one over eight nights, houses draped in brightly colored lines pop up throughout December, bonfires blaze in back yards on Solstice night. On Christmas day, one television channel even televises several hours of logs burning in a fireplace. […]

Yarn at Christmas 2016