Bundle of Joy, Week 7: Obsessive Striation Hat

Can you believe we’re already at week seven of the Bundle of Joy? I’m amazed! The days have zipped by and I feel now like I’m sliding toward the end of the year. Speaking of the end of the year, have you signed up for the Christmas Eve surprise gift? […]

Obsessive Striation Hat

Celebrate 2017: A Bundle of Joy

Over the end of this most crazy year, I am celebrating. After Steph’s surprising stroke, each moment feels like a gift – A gift which I feel like passing along to everyone I know! So, I’ve bundled together eight of my favorite designs: A Bundle of Joy! Each week until […]


Not A Hat

So, the hat to match the beaded fingerless mitts went completely awry. I’ve been in denial for days. I always tell my students, “If you don’t like it now, you won’t like it ten rows from now.” I knew I didn’t like what was happening when I was halfway through […]

Not-A-Hat Cowl Around my Neck

Fairy Sparkles and Dandelion Fuzz

My first beaded fingerless mitt is complete. I feel like a fairy left a gift of sparkles and dandelion fuzz to wrap around my weary hands. I love how the dark gray beads glimmer dark in the sunlight and the soft blend of merino, silk and yak cuddle my hand […]

Beaded Fingerless Mitt

We Made Merry

Over the weekend, we made merry. On Friday, I finished work early and we took Barb to see a movie at the Grail. “The Eagle Huntress” is a documentary about a thirteen-year-old girl who becomes the first female eagle hunter in the nomadic Kazakh tradition. Incredible sweeping views, the dedicated […]

Christmas Knitting

Antsy Beginning to the Owl in the Thicket

Yesterday, I got antsy. I couldn’t sit still. I wanted to get out of the house and go somewhere – anywhere! I wanted to find inspiration, experience something new, make a connection with someone. Where do you do that? The yarn store! Well, first Stephanie and I visited the liquor […]

Owl in the Thicket Brim

The Zimushka Hat & An Interview with Olga Beckmann

Last night I finished up the knitting on the Zimushka hat, wove in the ends, and blocked it. Since it is a beret and I want to show off all of those gorgeous feminine sinuous cables, I pulled it over a bowl when it was still wet.  As you can […]

Zimushka hat