Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: The Sparkle Darkly Silver Lining

Each Independence Day follows a certain ritual. My honey-bunny and I wake up, get dressed and go downtown to peruse our little town’s annual Fourth of July parade. The giant bull, the local arts camp’s musical number, infinite horses ridden by rodeo queens and cowboys, the old stagecoach, the convertible […]

Fireworks, July 3rd, 2013

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Mitzvot?

A couple of years ago, Stephanie and I got invited to a “Seder and Kugel Cookoff” for Passover. Like good little gentiles (Lesbian Law #6: “Celebrate diversity in all its forms.”), we did extensive research on the internet and our cookbook archive for recipes. We settled on two, one matzoh […]

The Bear Entered Stage Left

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Change of Address

Moving is traumatic. I wish I could soften this blow somehow, but even the Lesbian Housewyfe has to admit that uprooting your entire household and taking it somewhere else, even if it is just next door, is not as easy as we all wish. Whether you have a truckload full […]

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Change of Address