Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Gift of the Magi?

Christmas, for the lovely Lesbian Housewyfe, seems to be a turbulent time. For instance, as a people, Americans spend the time leading up to that day of good cheer diving into shopping malls and factory outlet stores, desperately searching for the perfect gift for everyone on their little Christmas lists. […]

Gift of the Magi?

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Clearing Out Before the Fall

Ahh, spring cleaning. A wonderful tradition dating back to the dawn of mankind. Me? I gave it up years ago. The tradition basically ended with the dawn of womankind. The whole idea gives me the creeps. The lovely Lesbian Housewyfe’s relieving factor is, of course, Lesbian Law #20: Household duties […]

Clearing Out Before the Fall

We Made Merry

Over the weekend, we made merry. On Friday, I finished work early and we took Barb to see a movie at the Grail. “The Eagle Huntress” is a documentary about a thirteen-year-old girl who becomes the first female eagle hunter in the nomadic Kazakh tradition. Incredible sweeping views, the dedicated […]

Christmas Knitting

Merry, Happy, Jolly

Our traditional winter celebrations hinge upon light. Candles are lit one by one over eight nights, houses draped in brightly colored lines pop up throughout December, bonfires blaze in back yards on Solstice night. On Christmas day, one television channel even televises several hours of logs burning in a fireplace. […]

Yarn at Christmas 2016

Preparing to Celebrate

I’m starting to feel like Christmas – not the panicked feeling of the holiday rushing towards me like a freight train, but that lovely relaxed moment when I see the work of baking and cooking and cleaning as part of the celebration rather than a necessary chore. I am determined […]

Progress 12/20/16

I Get Into the Owl in the Thicket

Yesterday, I began working the body of the hat. Each row is charted (although the designer does provide row by row written instructions as well) and I’ve easily been able to follow it. The entire hat only contains 86 rows. I’m making good headway. However, my brain cells go into overdrive each […]

Owl in the Thicket - Beginning of Body

Rainy Days Power Crafty Santa

Yesterday, clouds blew into the area and smoke from the wildfires lay heavy underneath. Wind twirled leaves up from yards and bashed into the house making me shiver. Eventually, something snapped and we finished our dinner without electricity, lighting our food with flashlights and candles. I worked on simple knitting, […]

Raindrops on the Cedar

Crafty Santa Time!

A few weeks ago, I found out about the Indie Gift-A-Long. This event brings indie designers from across the Ravelry universe together to promote each other’s designs and play with everyone as we all explore new designers, find fabulous fun gifts to knit, and participate in knit-a-longs and crochet-a-longs where […]

GAL 2016