Bundle of Joy, Week 2: Lynn’s Wonder Cowl

Week Two of my Bundle of Joy… Lynn’s Wonder! This reversible cowl combines traditional and modern looks & techniques. One side embraces tradition with an aran design including cables and a herringbone topped with bobbles. A field of polka dots cross the other side, created with a two-color honeycomb cable […]

Lynn's Wonder Cowl (with Kaleo!)

Bundle of Joy, Week 1: The Impronte Di Dolce

From today through the end of the year, I am featuring eight of my favorite designs to celebrate 2017. Each week, I’ll be giving a 25% discount for one of these designs – and I’ve even got a special surprise for anyone who purchases by Christmas Eve! The first pattern […]

Impronte di Dolce

Mountain Goat Report: The 30-Day Plank Challenge Continues!

Good news first! When measuring this week, my weight decreased by two pounds and waist by one inch. Nothing like smaller numbers to make you feel like the queen of planking! Also, last week I averaged twenty-six minute miles on my two mile dog walk. I’m trying to get faster […]

Day 15 Success