Little Yellow Farmhouse: Refreshing the Starter

During my time in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a dear friend gifted me with a jar of sourdough starter. This magic beast is a jar full of a simple dough teeming with wild yeast. Starter forms the basis of sourdough bread (and pancakes and biscuits and rolls), and can be used […]


Little Yellow Farmhouse: What Goes With a Mid-Life Crisis? Chocolate Chip Cookies

Did you ever watch Mythbusters? That particular show focused on two fellows who tested different myths from movies to urban legends to actual myths. They would research and experiment, usually building or rigging some object to perform the task. One of the hallmarks of the show was taking the myth […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter

A Very Happy Solstice to You

I opened up Facebook this morning and found this video in my memories from last year with the caption, “This was my day. I got to shovel at home, work, and then again at Sew Steamboat. Still, it’s so beautiful.” This year, I celebrate the Solstice with this view. I […]

Kitties by the Fire