Lime and Purple Brioche, If You Don’t Mind

Over the past weekend, I finished the sample for my two-color Brioche class in September. The Channeled Colors Brioche Loop will be our project and I’m excited to see everyone’s version. What yarns will they choose? What colors will spring forth? I had a heck of a time picking mine, […]

Channeled Colors Brioche Loop Doubled

Itchy Planting Fingers: How My Sweetie Recycled Plastic Boxes into Mini-Greenhouses

On Saturday, my sweetie and I planted the marigolds and nasturtiums! You see, when the deck was being constructed… Wait, did I tell you about the deck? I didn’t tell you about the deck! We have a new deck! In the very last week of April, my sweetie got these […]

Greenhouse Boxes

The Little Yellow Farmhouse: The No Longer Frigid Frigidaire

Along with the usual dreams of the new homeowner, when we purchased our new house, a refrigerator came with it. White, normal, boring, small refrigerator. Really, nothing special. At least it was (mostly) clean. However, one of our battles during parties and big eating holidays (like Thanksgiving and Christmas) is […]

Party Fridge

A New Knitting Rhythm

During the past few weeks, as Stephanie has been having her cataract surgeries (flying colors, by the way!), I have been knitting a little more each day. However, over the weekend, I pushed myself a little too much and my hands rebelled. The tendonitis threw up a flare of pain. […]

Steph's Color Affection

Refrigerator Transformed

When we purchased our new house, a plain old refrigerator sat in the kitchen. White, small, freezer on top, one door. Nothing special, but absolutely functional. Of course, we quickly replaced it with this behemoth: New LG stainless steel french door style with the bottom freezer drawer. At almost 30 […]

Party Fridge

The First Day of My First Spring

Over the last nineteen first days of spring, I have been confronted with piles of snow or snow actively falling out of the sky. My biggest goal for the day usually was not falling on the slippery ice while walking the dogs or shoveling the walk. Flowers laid dormant under […]

First Day of Spring 2017

Movie Knitting: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Yesterday, for the first time in Asheville, we went to the movies. Stephanie had been wanting to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and that spectacle should be seen on a big screen. I put together my bag of movie knitting and we headed downtown to the Grail […]

Movie Knitting

Giving Thanks: Day Three – Beauty

Today, I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me. Even today, when the sky is full of smoke and the sun peeps desperately through the haze, the pink light and mountains disappearing into the air give the morning a mystical flair. This morning, we walked down to a area […]

Pile of Knitted Things

A Trip to the River Arts District

On Monday, we drove down to the River Arts District here in Asheville to visit Steph’s mother’s friend, Wendy Whitson (she’s an artist who also owns a gallery space, NorthLight Studios). We dropped Barb off, chatted with Wendy for a moment, and then headed off into the sunlight to explore! […]

Change Mural