Bundle of Joy, Week 1: The Impronte Di Dolce

From today through the end of the year, I am featuring eight of my favorite designs to celebrate 2017. Each week, I’ll be giving a 25% discount for one of these designs – and I’ve even got a special surprise for anyone who purchases by Christmas Eve! The first pattern […]

Impronte di Dolce

Celebrate 2017: A Bundle of Joy

Over the end of this most crazy year, I am celebrating. After Steph’s surprising stroke, each moment feels like a gift – A gift which I feel like passing along to everyone I know! So, I’ve bundled together eight of my favorite designs: A Bundle of Joy! Each week until […]


Why I Disappeared for a Week

On Sunday the 17th, my sweetie had a stroke. It’s quite a long story with lots of silly side stories, but here’s the nutshell. Her left side was numb but has regained some feeling – enough that she can move her left limbs with intent. They are still really weak […]

Me & My Sweetie, 2014

Here Knitty-Knitty: Calmed to Distraction

Before I began knitting, I would just wait in line. I’d sit in the car and stare at the dashboard waiting for the teller to hand back my bank bag. I’d pace and pace and pace in the waiting room, snapping at innocent nurses coming to give me news. I […]

Calmed to Distraction

The New Sacred Cardi

Mid-August, the air began cooling. I looked across the valley on Saturday and saw a grove of trees fading from green to yellow. My bountiful garden withers a little more each day as I pluck the last fruits and veggies from the summer vines. The clouds that fill the sky […]

Sacred Cardi - 9/12/17

Two Color Brioche Knitting in the Round: The Video

This week, I began a Beginning Brioche class using the Channeled Colors Cowl to learn two color brioche knitting in the round. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Beginning brioche is two color in the round? However, this technique is the simplest way to learn brioche knitting. Each round is knitted using […]

Two Color Brioche Knitting in the Round

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: The Condiment Gang

A couple of months after moving into our house, Stephanie and I bought a refrigerator. Stainless steel double doors with handy water and ice dispensers promised an organized display of beverages, vegetables, fruits and meats, all within my grasp. The wide shelves, the deep drawers, and the little box for […]

The Condiment Gang

Not A Hat

So, the hat to match the beaded fingerless mitts went completely awry. I’ve been in denial for days. I always tell my students, “If you don’t like it now, you won’t like it ten rows from now.” I knew I didn’t like what was happening when I was halfway through […]

Not-A-Hat Cowl Around my Neck

No Knitting Police!

Passionate people love to share their passion. That’s why you get to sit and listen to your nephew chatter about trains and your best friend tell you about the fabulous book she just read. That’s why that huge convention center fills multiple times each year with people excited about comic […]

How to Get Away With(out) Murder: Teaching Friends & Family How to Knit

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: String Theory

On a dark and stormy afternoon, I closed my eyes, braced myself and sprinted from my car across the parking lot to the post office. My mission: retrieve the mail. (Neither rain nor snow nor hail nor sleet nor…. Where’s a postman when you need one?) My shirt stuck to […]

Crocheted Wrap