Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: The Sparkle Darkly Silver Lining

Each Independence Day follows a certain ritual. My honey-bunny and I wake up, get dressed and go downtown to peruse our little town’s annual Fourth of July parade. The giant bull, the local arts camp’s musical number, infinite horses ridden by rodeo queens and cowboys, the old stagecoach, the convertible […]

Fireworks, July 3rd, 2013

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Springtime Makeovers

I am sitting in the sun in a ragged piece of lawn furniture. The brick red paint is chipping off the soft wood and the pillow which kindly softens the slatted backrest and woven seat has lost gobs of its stuffing. I don’t care. The rays from the sun are […]

Springtime Makeover

The Little Yellow Farmhouse: What to Do When Your Dog Dies at Home (And Digging a Hole Isn’t an Option)

On Easter Sunday, my dog, Cappy, died. The passing was unexpected and quiet. One moment he was sleeping. The next he was gone. After the storm of weeping calmed, we faced a horrible moment. What do you do with a dead dog in the middle of your living room? In […]


Morning Flowers

Each morning, I walk the dogs through our neighborhood. In my first spring here, I am wandering through a floral wonderland. The people in this neighborhood proudly keep beautiful lawns and gardens, filling them with glorious flowering plants. In turn, these flowers fill my soul with joy. This baby flowered for most […]

Redbud Branch

Distraction Works

I have hidden my yarn. I called it “organizing” but really, I’ve secured all of the visible skeins that won’t fit in my temporary stash boxes in project bags or underneath the little pile of project bags and notions I’ve settled on top of my indoor storage box. Since I […]

Hidden Away with Dolce