Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: The Condiment Gang

A couple of months after moving into our house, Stephanie and I bought a refrigerator. Stainless steel double doors with handy water and ice dispensers promised an organized display of beverages, vegetables, fruits and meats, all within my grasp. The wide shelves, the deep drawers, and the little box for […]

The Condiment Gang

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: String Theory

On a dark and stormy afternoon, I closed my eyes, braced myself and sprinted from my car across the parking lot to the post office. My mission: retrieve the mail. (Neither rain nor snow nor hail nor sleet nor…. Where’s a postman when you need one?) My shirt stuck to […]

Crocheted Wrap

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: Drunk Nostalgia

I have a place that I like to go and remember the special moments of my life. I call it “the liquor cabinet.” All of my liquor (NOT the wine and beer) sits on top of my refrigerator. I know I read somewhere that you should never store your liquor […]

Drunk Nostalgia

The Little Yellow Farmhouse: Flummoxed by Filing

I spent some time organizing my office the other day, but if you look at the room, you can hardly tell. In spite of emptying several boxes and finding places for tons of things, I still have stacks of boxes lining the walls, baskets of samples and projects, and piles […]

Filing to be Done

The First Day of My First Spring

Over the last nineteen first days of spring, I have been confronted with piles of snow or snow actively falling out of the sky. My biggest goal for the day usually was not falling on the slippery ice while walking the dogs or shoveling the walk. Flowers laid dormant under […]

First Day of Spring 2017

Nether Garment Yarn and Preparing to Move

I received the yarn for the September Knitter’s Almanac project! Nether garments are that much closer to me. Don’t those colors just scream “Ladybugs on the Beach”? I’m excited to get started, but since we’re rolling out in just twelve days, my focus has to be on packing. So, into […]

Yarn for Nether Garments