Plant Pirate’s Booty: How to Make a Vertical Herb Garden

With the victorious return of the plant pirate, the next process went into motion. When I plundered my mother’s garden for herbs, I’d envisioned our own herb garden just off the kitchen. The small fragrant mounds of herbs flowed together among the flowers. My sweetie and I needed only to […]

Vertical Herb Garden

Plundering My Mother’s Garden

My sweetie and I have been talking about creating an herb garden and, when we visited my parents right after Easter, I asked my mother if she would share some of her plants with me. She agreed with a motherly excitement and we toured around her garden that afternoon. Distracted […]

Potting the Plants

Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe: The Garden

Sunlight penetrates my eyelids, turning the darkness underneath soft pink. I turn away from its unforgiving gaze and snuggle in a little deeper. My partner sighs and allows me to wrap myself around her, pulling her beautiful body close. We fit together, every bend and crevice melding together as a […]

The Garden

Farmer LA’s Spring Garden Update

My yard is pushing a late spring vibe. Pink peonies burst onto the scene early this week. Their blowsy blooms seduce me but seeing ants zipping around their petals, I resist leaning in. My mother-in-law, a flower felon, now knows we have at least three in full bloom. I’m sure […]

Broccoli Butterfly - 5/17/17

Itchy Planting Fingers: How My Sweetie Recycled Plastic Boxes into Mini-Greenhouses

On Saturday, my sweetie and I planted the marigolds and nasturtiums! You see, when the deck was being constructed… Wait, did I tell you about the deck? I didn’t tell you about the deck! We have a new deck! In the very last week of April, my sweetie got these […]

Greenhouse Boxes

The Mountain Goat: My Spirit Animal for this 30-Day Plank Challenge

On Monday, the first six days of my 30-Day Plank Challenge were complete. I jumped onto my scale to see the results. Up two and a half pounds. Oh yes. I stumbled back and blinked my eyes. Placing my feet with gentle precision, I stepped back onto the scale, closed […]

Darling Mountain Goats

The Little Yellow Farmhouse: A Salve for Gardening Bug Bites – Temporary Raised Beds

When we moved into our new house at the end of February, the gardening bug bit us so hard my mother-in-law saw us wince. Then, she directed us to the nearest garden center. She’s an enabler. As I looked out onto our almost-an-acre of land, with its red clay and […]

Garden Beds

Little Yellow Farmhouse: Regular Old Everyday Magic

A flower blooms in the snow. The cat who has been avoiding you settles into your lap for a cuddle. Your long-lost dinosaur eraser appears in the bottom of a drawer. These unexpected gifts sneak into your life, sometimes through active detective work and other times just falling into your […]

Biltmore Estate Azalea

Morning Flowers

Each morning, I walk the dogs through our neighborhood. In my first spring here, I am wandering through a floral wonderland. The people in this neighborhood proudly keep beautiful lawns and gardens, filling them with glorious flowering plants. In turn, these flowers fill my soul with joy. This baby flowered for most […]

Redbud Branch