Bundle of Joy, Week 8: Linus’ Dream

Before I talk about the final pattern, have you signed up to get my Christmas Eve gift yet? Click here to make sure you get it! I’m so excited! Now, back to business…. The eighth pattern in my Bundle of Joy is Linus’ Dream! When I picked Linus’ Dream for the eighth pattern, I thought […]

Bundle of Joy, Week 7: Obsessive Striation Hat

Can you believe we’re already at week seven of the Bundle of Joy? I’m amazed! The days have zipped by and I feel now like I’m sliding toward the end of the year. Speaking of the end of the year, have you signed up for the Christmas Eve surprise gift? When I was a kid, […]

Bundle of Joy, Week 6: The Easy Bulky Christmas Stocking

At this time of year, I always find myself running out of time! While hours spent knitting the perfect stranded Christmas stocking are soooo rewarding, I came up with the Easy Bulky Christmas Stocking so I could create a cute Christmas stocking quickly. The fun just showed up on its own! As a sock-aholic, I […]

Bundle of Joy, Week 5: Happy Midwinter’s Eve Hat

Do the deep gray days of winter get to you? Is it time to play with color? Want to bust through some of those leftover balls of yarn? Welcome to the Happy Midwinter’s Eve Hat! This colorwork 101 hat incorporates basic stripes, bobbles and mosaic knitting to create a hat with character. No row uses […]

Bundle of Joy, Week 4: The Aphra Behn Cowl

The fourth week of the Bundle of Joy means it’s time for the… Aphra Behn Cowl! Many years ago, my good friend Paula directed The Rover at the University of Denver. The playwright, Aphra Behn, enchanted me. Reputed to be the first woman to earn a living as an author, her work was performed during […]

Bundle of Joy, Week 3: Farmer’s Market Basket

The third pattern in my Bundle of Joy is…. The Farmer’s Market Basket Bag! One of my very first patterns, this market bag expands to carry a full load from the farmer’s market or grocery store or (dare I mention?) the yarn shop. A basketweave pattern dominates the bottom which then changes into a mesh […]

Bundle of Joy, Week 2: Lynn’s Wonder Cowl

Week Two of my Bundle of Joy… Lynn’s Wonder! This reversible cowl combines traditional and modern looks & techniques. One side embraces tradition with an aran design including cables and a herringbone topped with bobbles. A field of polka dots cross the other side, created with a two-color honeycomb cable pattern. Here’s my deal: if […]

Project Purgatory

For the last six weeks, I’ve dumped everything that seemed like something I should keep into my office. As a result, a pile of yarn, bills, books and business cards obscured my desk from view. Project bags peeked out of baskets. A computer fan, stack of floppy disks (oh yes – old fashioned 3.5” plastic […]

Bundle of Joy, Week 1: The Impronte Di Dolce

From today through the end of the year, I am featuring eight of my favorite designs to celebrate 2017. Each week, I’ll be giving a 25% discount for one of these designs – and I’ve even got a special surprise for anyone who purchases by Christmas Eve! The first pattern of my eight favorite designs […]

Celebrate 2017: A Bundle of Joy

Over the end of this most crazy year, I am celebrating. After Steph’s surprising stroke, each moment feels like a gift – A gift which I feel like passing along to everyone I know! So, I’ve bundled together eight of my favorite designs: A Bundle of Joy! Each week until the end of the year, […]