My Yampa Valley Curse 2

I am a knitter, I live in a ski area, and I look bad in hats. That’s my own little Yampa Valley Curse.  It doesn’t help that I am round. Regular knitted winter hats cover my hair and turn my head into a little round ball atop my shoulders. Of course, I love hats and use any excuse to wear them. As a college freshman, I found a top hat at some store and wore it every chance I could.

I’ve told you before that I am a geek. There’s no changing that now.

In December, I could no longer resist the call of Christmas knitting.  These things happen. It comes from wanting to share my love through stitches upon stitches upon stitches, groaning with effort and sleeplessness. Thinking I could just sneak together twelve hats somehow between finishing the sweater (the only bit of Christmas knitting I’d planned), I decided to practice a bit on hats with this experiment. I thought I would search for a hat to look good on my round, round head.

I started off with my Happy Midwinter’s Eve hat: a jolly little experiment in stripes. I gave it all the colors of the rainbow (and black) and came up with a fun bit of craziness. However, it was a beanie, despite the bobbles and welts.

Beanie Style - Not for me!

Beanie Style – Not for me!


My head looked like a bowling ball.  However, the little boy will look adorable in this gift!

Next, I tried a new idea. When knitting anything in stockinette, the edge will roll up. I knitted up a hat using this technique to create a rolled brim. After the brim stopped rolling, I changed colors to create a hat band. To make it fun for the ten year old pink loving female recipient (I can’t help my relatives. I just hope she doesn’t end up wearing blue sparkly eye shadow. I know it’s a lost cause.), I added red and orange into the purple band to create a checkerboard. I finished the hat plainly and popped it on my head.

The little brim breaks up the roundness - but still.....

The little brim breaks up the roundness – but still…..

Not as bad. The rolled edge gave me a little brim to play with, and that changed my head from a bowling ball back into a human. Nice. I still needed help though. This was not a hat I could wear outside.

On to the next ten tries!


The Knitting Week in Steamboat

Sit ‘n Stitch – Friday, 4-6pm – Sew Steamboat:  Every Friday, a group of us meet to enjoy learning, laughter and needlework of all types.  We’d love to see you there!

Yarn It! – Saturday, 10am-12n – Mountain Brew:  A few of us meet each Saturday to enjoy a treat (my favorite are the cranberry orange scones) and a lovely cup of tea or coffee while we knit and chat and chat and knit!  Feel free to join us!

Knitting at the College – Monday, 1-3pm – Bristol Hall 2nd Floor Lounge at CMC: Join these fun folks to knit and laugh and have a good ol’ time. I swear, I’m going to make it someday….

Learn to Knit:  Fingerless Mitts & Hat – Tuesday, 5-7pm – Sew Steamboat:  Week 3 of 3. Learn how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, increase and decrease – all the tools necessary to make a pair of fingerless mitts and a hat!  Cost is $75.  Call 879-3222 to make a reservation or get more information.

Knitting Group – Tuesday, 6pm – Yampa Public Library, 310 Main St., Yampa:  All levels are welcome. Bring yarn and knitting needles. For more information call 970-638-4654.


Are you doing any gift knitting this holiday season?